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HTML5 Functionality Demo
This is a testing demo that I am using and updating on every build to test how the games play in HTML5 format. I won't make as many builds for other platforms like this. I will leave this as a public link so anyone can play what amount of game I have built. You can also play this on any mobile browser, granted the browser supports HTML5.

Now due to this frequently changing, you may click it one day and it work, or try it another day and it might be broken. There might also be days where the link doesn't exist at all. There will also possibly be frequent bugs, or there may not be much gameplay. Please keep this in mind. This is NOT the official demo build. That will come MUCH later.

They are basically default RPG MV controls right now.
Arrow Keys to move.
Z or Enter for Action
X or Escape for Back

Touchscreen Controls
Touch the screen to move. Also touch the buttons for Action.
Touch with two fingers at the same time for Cancel.

But for now, here you go. <Click Here>

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